Fusion Civil

Drilling All Kinds

We offer rotary, top hammer and down the hole hammer drilling capabilities ensuring any kind of retaining solution.

iPad Technology

We use the latest technology to ensure your project
sticks to the schedule.

Fusion Civil

Reinforced Walls

Fast tracked completion of the Reinforced Soil Wall on the
OH2ku Pacific Highway Upgrade Project.

Fusion Civil

Dam Construction

As Fusion grows so do the projects, the latest wall
on the Chaffey Dam Upgrade.

Fusion Civil

On The Job

The view from the top at the T2E Pacific Highway Upgrade.

Occupational Health, Safety & Quality Management

All of us at Fusion Civil take our accountabilities seriously. Fusion Civil’s OHS&Q Management system has been developed from our collective experiences in the construction industry and draws on benchmarking from outside of the construction industry. The Fusion Civil OHS&Q Management system is tailored to develop a clearer identification and understanding of risk and matching this to the most effective control measures.

At Fusion Civil our OHS&Q objectives are;

  • The health and well being of Fusion Civil employees and subcontractors
  • Defining clear targets and measuring OHS&Q performances to improve and redefine our objectives and goals
  • Continual improvement of our systems through challenge, revelance and audit
  • Aligning with clients and subcontractors to ensure the Fusion Civil OHS&Q objectives are relevant, effective and integrated with our clients and suppliers

Fusion Civil values quality management and the central role it plays in ensuring the highest level of quality in delivered products and projects. The Fusion Civil OHS&Q management systems drives a focus on the delivered product rather than the process of control to achieve a level of quality that our clients can depend on and all of us at Fusion Civil can take pride in achieving.

Real Time Implementation Through Technology


Our OHS&Q system is delivered through adapting real time technology into the Fusion Civil daily construction activities, including Inspection Test Procedures and work activity check-lists. The use of Real Time Technology ensures our OHS&Q system is accessible and adaptable across Fusion Civil.

The Fusion Civil Quality Management objectives are;

  • A Quality Culture: A philosophy of doing every task the right way.
  • Measuring what we do: Measuring quality performance targets and recognising our individual accountabilities to achieve our goals.
  • Communicating accountabilities: Communicating throughout Fusion Civil the requirements of the work specifications and drawings by open and direct communication starting with project inductions, quality toolbox talks and pre-start meetings.
  • Planning: Plan time to plan the works. Front End load our planning to challenge our biases and consider the alternatives.
  • Continual Improvement: Review our performance and transition our ideas into a higher standard of works.

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