Fusion Civil

Drilling All Kinds

We offer rotary, top hammer and down the hole hammer drilling capabilities ensuring any kind of retaining solution.

iPad Technology

We use the latest technology to ensure your project
sticks to the schedule.

Fusion Civil

Reinforced Walls

Fast tracked completion of the Reinforced Soil Wall on the
OH2ku Pacific Highway Upgrade Project.

Fusion Civil

Dam Construction

As Fusion grows so do the projects, the latest wall
on the Chaffey Dam Upgrade.

Fusion Civil

On The Job

The view from the top at the T2E Pacific Highway Upgrade.

The Fusion of Practical Engineering with Quality Construction

Fusion Civil works includes civil projects specialising in the construction of retaining walls including;

  • Installation of permanent and temporary ground anchors
  • Soil nailing and Shotcrete works
  • Reinforced earth walls
  • Installation of tilt up pre-cast panels

Additional scope of works may include supervision of piling and small structural concrete works including capping beams to soldier pile, continuous and secant pile walls.

In general, tender packages will not be limited to individual scope of works, but will provide prospective clients with flexibility.

Flexibility can be offered in terms of grouped packages with various options including consultancy supervision and collective scope of works including all of the aforementioned areas.

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